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Ever since its founding in 2004, Belite has been one of China’s leading manufacturers of quality ceramic, thanks to the utilization of only the best technology on the market and now it has selected SACMI to implement a new project that will boost current output and allow the manufacture of a new line of porcelain floor tiles. 

The three focal points of this investment are efficiency, sustainability and process control. Involving the manufacturing facility in Anyang, it aims to propel the company to the top end of the market and reinforce its role as a key supplier of world-renowned ceramic brands.

SACMI, chosen by us to act as its main supplier and project director, will provide a complete body preparation line consisting of two separate production units.  These will make wall tile and floor tile slips respectively and both will feature modular grinding solutions and SACMI ATE spray driers.

SACMI Nanhai – the Sacmi Group’s in-China hub for the design and manufacture of solutions specifically for the local market – will supply the pressing department; the latter consists of three PHC 2890 machines for wall tiles and another three PHC 4300 presses for the new floor tile line, downstream from which lie four horizontal driers and three dual-channel kilns.

Completing the picture are the sorting and pallet handling solutions supplied by SACMI-NuovaSima (these include LGVs, or laser guided vehicles). More specifically, the five sorting lines are equipped with the Flawmaster vision system, Sacmi’s standard-setting total quality control system for ceramic manufacturing operations.

Belite policy of focusing on continuous innovation to achieve total efficiency is highlighted further by the fact that control of the entire process will be performed by the SACMI H.E.R.E (Human Expertise for Reactive Engineering) supervisor, the SACMI 4.0 solution that comprehensively monitors the various stages of production to maximise efficiency and increase output quality

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