Where excellence lives

Welcome, we are Belite Ceramics. Our voyage in high-quality ceramic and handmade tiles business began in 1995 with the desire to create high-quality products focused on design and creativity.

Our goal has always been to create excellence, and this approach led to a first major upsurge in production in 2012 thanks to two new production chains capable of generating up to 3000 m2 per day. This approach has enabled our factory to gain a greater market share in the ceramic wall tile sector.

Having started down the right path, in 2016 we created a completely new plant with a production capacity 5 times greater, allowing us to produce 20,000 m2 a day.

Thanks to this constant attention to quality and gradual increase in production, Belite is currently a very important player in the international small wall tile industry, among the top 3 in this market segment.

Twenty-three years after coming into the world, we are still growing: in response to an industry 4.0 upgrade, Belite has begun its third expansion phase with a new ambition.

Our ambition is to combine the best technology with the best tailoring in our sector. That’s why we are importing the latest cutting-edge smart production equipment from Sacmi of Italy, the world’s #1 ceramic tiles machinery supplier, to build our new, version 4.0 factory.

Thanks to this innovation, by the end of 2019 we’ll be able to produce 30,000 m2 small wall tiles a day, becoming the world’s largest factory in this market segment. In addition, we will also be able to produce floor tiles for the first time in our history.

The pursuit of quality is a journey that never ends”. This is our motto and it might just be the reason why visitors define us as “an offbeat factory in China”, a definition we intend to continue deserving by virtue of our commitment.

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