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ON is our company publishing project.

It was created as an opportunity to explore and analyze the topics that have always nourished our creativity. Each issue focuses on a subject that gives us the opportunity to talk about Belite’s production.

We have called it “ON” because we hope to be a switch permenently set to “on” in the design world, offering brilliant ideas and unique style proposals.

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The first number is dedicated to geometry and how it shapes our lives.

From the visual impact of cultivated fields to bee hives, from the play of light from a kaleidoscope to the façade of a building, from the mosaics of the Alhambra to the tiles of a kitchen: just look around and you see that geometry is everywhere.

Already in nature we find spontaneous geometric forms that go on to provide inspiration in various fields: from art to design, architecture to fashion. Its forms represent a point of view, a way of discovering unexpected combinations that we can create starting from the observation of what surrounds us: the landscape, an everyday object such as a plate, a table or a tile.

A tile is in fact – first of all – an example of pure geometry in terms of its shape and the fact that it forms the basis of a modular and conceptual process. Without geometry we would not have points of reference. It thus represents an endless opportunity for unprecedented connections to innovate and create a way of thinking, a project that is the expression of both functionality and beauty.

Geometry as a creative pursuit has found inspiration in some of the many lines penned by Belite.

The goal is to show how creativity goes far beyond a mathematic equation and how geometry is itself the expression of an idea, capable of representing different personalities and making any environment unique.

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