Quality for all

The concept of quality goes beyond our products. It also informs the model of social responsibility that has been part of our company from day one.

We are the first Chinese factory to use Natural Gas for our industry rolling kiln, a choice we have made despite the fact that this makes our energy costs much higher than competitors from China who use Coal Water Slurry for energy.

We also implement strict controls for lead and other heavy metals on our products.

Furthermore, we are the first Chinese ceramic tile factory to have a full waste-water recycling system and dust collection and control systems. As a result, Belite is also the first factory to have applied for and obtained ISO 140001 environment management system certification.

The pursuit of quality is a journey that never ends”. This is our motto and it might just be the reason why visitors define us as “an offbeat factory in China”, a definition we intend to continue deserving by virtue of our commitment.

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